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Why Are Rolex Watches So Valuable?

Pablo Picasso wore a Rolex; Winston Churchill wore it as well. Established in 1905, the Rolex is years younger than other luxury watch brands such as A. Lange & Söhne and Patek Philippe. This brand has made its mark around the globe as it is worn by influential individuals as well as people who have a great taste.

Although Rolex watches are globally recognizable, they have sustained a certain charisma. The company’s strict policy on photography inside its facilities makes them even more mysterious. Here’s why this brand is so valuable;

Rolex Watches are Made with Expensive Materials

The luxury watch market’s standard steel is about 316L. The Rolex uses a harder and shinier steel which is known as the 904L. This steel is tough to work with. However, it is worth it. This steel is harder, and also corrosion and rust resistant. It also looks a lot better than other types. It takes special tools and skills to work with this steel.

Rolex also uses a scratch proof ceramic called Bezel and shapes it with sandblasted platinum. Gold, precious stones and platinum are incorporated into its watches.

Luxurious Movements

Movements are just like car engines, complicated but on a smaller scale. The parts are relatively small and delicate, and this makes the failure rate during assembly higher. Even though the parts are built by a machine, the movements are placed by hand. Every watch is hand polished and finished as well.

Nearly Everything is In-House

When you consider the Rolex’s contributions in the industry, it is no surprise that the manufacturer controls every single part of the production process. The company is obsessive when it concerns quality control. They have their own gemology department, science lab, foundry, and also employs its personal jewelers.

The company’s internal Research and Development department works on various items that are used in the manufacturing process. They include the development of lubricants and oils to make the machines work more competently, an area for research which is dedicated to parts and new watches, and a lab where they look at the metals critically.

The company also has its stress test room. This is where all watches pass through simulated wear using robots. Extra tests are carried out depending on the particular model. For example, the Rolex Dive watches are tested for their water resistance using pressurized tanks.

The luxury brand produces its own gold and also processes platinum in its foundry as well.

The brand has a gemological department dedicated to testing every batch of precious stones or diamonds that are sent to the lab. Aside from all that, the luxury watch brand has traditional in-house jewelers. These people are the ones who fix in hand-selected stones onto every watch.

Producing Rolex Watches Takes a Long Time

Although Rolex is quite with technology, it doesn’t take any shortcuts when it concerns making its watches. It’s true that the company makes almost one million watches every year, but performance and quality are their top priorities. That is why luxury watch enthusiasts always pay a premium to own a Rolex.


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