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How To Properly Clean A Giant Touchscreen

Unlike other non-touch screens, touch screen devices tend to get dirty quicker. Funny enough, the dirt doesn’t just stay on the surface but also affects user experience and functionality. It interferes with both the touch sensitivity and visual experience of the giant touchscreen. As a matter of fact, regularly cleaning of this kind of device is essential for its upkeep and longevity.

This guide is designed to help users learn how to effectively wipe away those besetting smudges without stress. Additionally, you will also learn how to take good care of your giant touchscreen by doing things it would always appreciate.

How to get started

Despite being high-tech, it is important to understand that there is actually nothing special about cleaning a giant touchscreen. In fact, you do not need to buy expensive tools and cleaning materials to do the job. Only simple tools and elbow grease are actually required to effectively carry out the job of cleaning your high-tech touchscreen. To get started, this is what you need to do.

Get a microfiber cloth

When it comes to cleaning a touchscreen of this kind, using a microfiber cloth is the most ideal option. Microfiber clothes can be purchased online or in any camera store or computer store for just a few dollars. However, the cost of such cloth can still vary. Obviously, the price of a recommended company cloth can be higher compared to an ordinary microfiber cloth. For such substitute or cloth, it’s good you look around for a good deal at a reduced cost but still very effective.

In case you don’t know, they have the same feel or texture with pieces of cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses. Some touchscreen devices do come with a microfiber cloth. So, do well to verify before setting out to buy one.

Put off the device

Before you begin cleaning the touchscreen device, it is highly recommended to turn it off. Contrary to general belief, it’s even much easier to find areas that need cleaning when the device is put off. So, you don’t even need to set a white background on the screen to see the dirt.

Wipe the screen

To begin with, brush the screen with the microfiber to give it a once over. This is basically aimed at removing the majority of simple imperfections. To get rid of dirt, you can apply circular motions, vertical wipes, or horizontal wipes across the screen.

Moisten the microfiber cloth

This next step is only required if the screen is still dirty. You don’t have to get the cloth soaked. All you need do is to slightly dampen it before use. As a matter of fact, it is best to use a recommended cleaner or distilled water to dampen the cloth. Some cleaners are made for other purposes, so ensure to use one that is specifically designed for cleaning screens of electronic devices (touch screens). Finish off the process by brushing again with a dry microfiber cloth.

Do not turn on the device until the screen is properly dried.


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